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The You TV Player app has been updated to enjoy more?? cable as well as TV channels for NO COST and without limitations on PCs, phones and tablets with Android.

The renewed player You Tv Player (PRO) is the new version of the previous Su Tv Player & You play player. It's much easier to build, presents a new interface and includes many more sports channels for Android.

How to configure the application

Account activation You television set Player sporting activities and other programs

That is worth mentioning that the TV player program offers the best pay-TV channels as well as open signal: sorted in categories and with SECURE DIGITAL (standard definition) and HIGH DEFINITION (high definition) video features.

Note (04-28-2017). You can now get You tv set player free for Google android v11. 316. 4. one particular, the last update of this app. Examine the down load links below.

The software will not be available on the internet Play. Only by manual download, as we share in this blog.

? The You Play Participant for PC [apk] version 11. 3 (before 10. 6) software has also been increased with new features and features. 

It is recommended here to update the APK You play player to the latest version for greater stability below:


You-Play-Player (2017)

APK | Image description Google android Tablet and Mobile | ESP

Youtvplayer, download you play player 2017 You TV Player: This is the latest version (2017) of this software that includes the activation of new series + stations, the APK is free to download on your android device.

The new thing that brings you play player in the last update is the channel playback in the background. Go to "Settings" and configure that option.

Now you can use the timer to arranged a channel to stop after a certain time.

You will also enjoy Premium +18 channels. To get this you must build a numeric password, whatever you want, in this way prevents children at home as children or nephews enter this special section of the application, unless you apply for a You Pass accounts, which eliminates advertising.

Just how to set up to setup the iphone app correctly

When downloaded the installer document. We recommend to makes previous adjustment: Go to the Phone or Gadget Settings (menu settings), then to the safety option and activate "Unknown Sources". View Help Image:

To turn on unknown resources android-6

To access the iphone app you will require to sign in by hitting the putting surface rectangle (recommended).

Activation You television set player sports and more channels

Youtvplayer allows you to watch live and live sports, and offers reminders for major sporting events around the world including the UFC Networking, Champions League, World Glass 2018 Eliminations, etc.

In case apk requests to configure or activate programs, we must perform these small steps.

Tutvgratis. tv set + premium stations

Press the upper menu icon on the left.

Choose "Add".

Type the stream name box: tutv

Publish in the url package of it: tutvgratis. tv set

If you have problems to watch some stations: sports, adult (premium) or any other, we suggest you solve it as follows:

Latest version You play player 2017

A final version of the season for you personally play player (V 11. 3)16. 1 was performed successfully including these changes:

The latest bring up to date available has a function called "View on PC". Also youtvplayer can be installed on a Smart TELEVISION SET (Samsung and LG), it should be inside the same WiFi network.

Download you television set player

- The films are no longer paralyzed or the fault that returned to the channel list occurs.

- Added AceStream links to sporting events.

- New settings in the "Settings" menu.

- Fresh and improved player in respect to users suggestion.

- Video quality for extra sports channels (kbps).